7th Grade Science Projects

Health (Ms. Bishop’s Students) – Piano/Music technology (Mr. Boktor’s Students) – 7th Graders

Meal Make-Over Projects

By Gael Sampson, Tahzeeb Amir, and Lucca Walls
By Sophia Martinez, Teehee Yiun, James Shah-Jones
By: Amy Carrola, Danielle-Ann Nivero, and Noah Yanuaria
By Jude Schiffman, Darren Ignatius, Levi Sterling and Ethan Gibbel
By: Izabella Margaryan, Alexis Villarreal, and Dashiell Frost
By: Julius Urbina, Brady Yip, and Markus Moy
By; Angela Suh, Hyunwoo Lee, and Julia Kobe
By: Liam Murphy, Sean De La Cruz, and Josiah Lucio